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Welcome to United Life Spiritual Center


Our Vision

We are a loving Spiritual Community Joyfully Expressing Spirit.

Our Mission

By practicing the Science of Mind Principles we:


  • Honor the presence of God in all.

  • Nurture and support spiritual growth and transformation.

  • Empower people to create happy, healthy, abundant lives.   



The beautiful pencil drawing of Ernest Holmes was created by the late Roger Bliss, a talented and creative soul, who is missed by many friends and family members.


Sunday Services

Meditation Service 10:00 am to 10:20 am
There is a peaceful and spiritual place that you can find each Sunday prior to our Celebration. Join us in our sanctuary, close your eyes, and feel the spirit of God unfold within you as you listen to a guided meditation, provided by one of our dedicated Practitioners. Come early to our service and feel your bliss in this wonderful experience.

Celebration Service 10:30 am to 11:30 am
Every Sunday is a celebration of Life, Love and our relationship with God--a weekly event not to be missed!  Rev Dr SuZ Ogden, our minister of music, and our fabulous volunteers and practitioners provide heartfelt music and loving insights into humanity and the God that is within and all around us. You will be moved and touched and inspired with an awakening to your spiritual nature and the creative power of thought. Find the Good of God in your loving Center for Spiritual Living Ė United Life Spiritual Center. 



Our New Minister, Rev Dr Bill Ward, began speaking on Sunday, September 7th!  See below for his Nov & Dec talk titles.


NOV Theme:  Love Wastefully Every Day

2NOV:  Stop!  Look!  Listen! Now!

                Happy, Healthy, Successful, Talented Living

9NOV:  If Not Now Ė When?

                Time To Make The Donuts

16NOV:  The Root of Money

                The Love of Money is the Root Of All Good, Worthy to Be Praised

23NOV:  The Great Thanksgiving

                New Life In Two Words or Less

30NOV:  Great Expectations

                Growing Eternity From Seed


DEC Theme:  Become All You Are to Become

7DEC:  From Here To Kingdom Come

                Lessons In Creativity! Alternatives to Creativity

14DEC:  And The Winner Is . . . ?

                Ready! Set! Grow! Or Not

21DEC:  The Inner Christ Child

                Lifeís Pattern Is In The Pod

28DEC:  Thatís A Wrap, or Is It?

                New Life Available For All, Your Choice

Youth Classes and Child Care
Our delightful Sunday school teacher is joined by practitioners and other church members in helping our youth learn the secrets of life that we teach in Religious Science. These principles are taught through story, song, craft and spiritual practice tailored for children. Affirmations are used to teach children positive self talk and to help facilitate a positive outlook on their life experience. Itís a fun and joyful experience for your children that will help them every day.


Prayer Requests may be submitted online. Practitioners will pray for you for two weeks.

Godís Love always embraces us, God's wisdom is always within us and God's Joy is ours to share. 
Abundance is everywhere.  Because of the Law of Circulation, I open my heart and spirit to financially
supporting United Life Spiritual Center. If these words touch your heart, please join us in our
pledge to support OUR Spiritual Center.

United Life Spiritual Center is a spiritual entity having a business experience.  If you would like to make your yearly pledge to help support the United Life Spiritual Center, please click here . If you would like to donate by credit card or through bank withdrawal, please click the Donate button below and you will be taken to a secure site. 

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